Tannerella HOT-286 (phylotype BU063) is a recently identified novel filamentous Gram-negative anaerobic oral bacterium cultured for the first time recently in co-culture with Propionibacterium acnes. In contrast to the related periodontal disease associated pathobiont Tannerella forsythia it is considered a putative health-associated bacterium. In this paper we identified that this organism could be grown in pure culture if N-acetyl muramic acid (NAM) was provided in the media, although surprisingly the genetic basis of this phenomenon is not likely to be due to a lack of NAM synthesis genes. During further microbiological investigations we showed for the first time that Tannerella HOT-286 possesses a prominent extracellular S-layer with a novel morphology putatively made up of two proteins modified with an unknown glycan. This data furthers our knowledge of this poorly understood organism and genus that is an important part of the oral and human microbiome.

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