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The PowderSafe Type A enclosures provide a safe and effective weighing environment for toxic compounds and/or liquid chemicals. Engineered specifically for balances. PowerSafe Type A enclosures protect the operator by capturing particulate in HEPA filtration without sacrificing balancing stability. These compact, ductless enclosures are factory leak tested, certified and shipped fully assembled for simple installation on any countertop.

Operator Protection and Powder Contaninment

If you work with hazardous substances or liquid chemicals, you know how important it is to ensure an safe and efficient weighing process. That’s where PowderSafe enclosures come in. These enclosures are specifically designed to work with balances, providing exceptional operator protection by trapping particulate matter in HEPA filtration while ensuring balance stability. Plus, they’re compact, ductless, and come fully assembled for easy installation on any countertop. With PowderSafe enclosures, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re using a safe and certified solution that makes your work easier and more efficient.

Key Features

  • AirSafe automatic safety controller
  • Audible/visible filter and airflow alarms
  • Portable HEPA filtration
  • SafeChange technology
  • Electrical cord access ports
  • Solid 3.8″ polypropylene base
  • Tested with 3 and 4 place balances
  • Leak tested and certified
  • Quiet operation <49dB
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Electrostatically charged pre-filter prevents ‘particle rain’