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AirClean® Systems AC600 Series vertical laminar flow workstations are ideal for non-hazardous applications that require a clean work area. These compact, lightweight workstations provide positive-pressure, ISO 5 air throughout the chamber and sash opening, thus keeping airborne particulate away from sensitive applications. Given the small footprint and ease of installation (simply plug in the power cord), the AC600 Series vertical laminar flow workstations are an excellent choice for mobile ‘clean zones’ within your facility.

Process Protection

If you’re in need of a workspace that is both clean and safe for delicate applications, the AC600 Series vertical laminar flow workstation is an excellent option. These workstations are designed to be lightweight and compact while providing ISO 5 air to the entire chamber, including the sash opening. This ensures that your sensitive applications are protected from airborne particles. The best part is these workstations can easily be used to create portable “clean zones” within your facility and are effortless to install. All you need to do is plug in the power cord, and you’re ready to get started.

Key Features

  • UVTect microprocessor controller
  • ISO 5 standard vertical laminar flow air
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Integral polypropylene base for easy cleaning
  • All thermoplastic construction
  • Built-in fluorescent light
  • Pass-through port
  • HEPA filter monitor automatically indicates when a filter change is required