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The economical InGenius3 gel imaging and analysis system is suitable for standard fluorescence applications. InGenius3 features a 5MP camera.

Economical gel documentation – DNA and protein gel imaging your way

Using a compact, InGenuis3 gel documentation system you’re in control. You can image your choice of dyes and stains by choosing UV, blue or white lighting options. The system’s GeneSys software selects the right lighting and filters for you, making it easy to image fluorescent ethidium bromide or SYBR® Safe DNA gels and protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue or silver.

For an economical system, the InGenius3 offers a 5m pixel camera and can produce images with 16 bit image depth. A manual zoom lens and manual filter drawer (includes a UV filter) completes the package.

The system is controlled by GeneSys application driven image capture software and comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.

InGenius3 used in biotechnology research and development – view BBC video link.


1/3 Inch



Bit Depth

12/16 bit (extended)


0 – 65536

Dynamic Range

3.6/4.8 (extended)


Manual zoom 6.5-39 F1.4

Viewing Area


Lighting (included)

White Epi overhead

Lighting (optional)

Slim transilluminator 20x20cm
UltraSlim Blue-LED transilluminator 10x12cm
Visible light converter
Blue light convertor screen


GeneSys image capture
GeneTools image analysis
GeneDirectory (optional)