DigiGenius - Entry level digital imaging system


The easy to use DigiGenius gel doc system features an 18mp camera, producing high quality images with precise band separation. It also features flexible lighting options, with UV transilluminators available in 3 wavelengths (254nm, 302nm amd 365nm), visible light converter screens converting UV light to visible light for Coomassie Blue and Silver Stained gels and blue transilluminators for ‘safe dye’ gel imaging. The DigiGenius is also very compact, taking up minimal bench space.

This entry level system offers reproducible, high resolution digital images for gel documentation. The DigiGenius system is easy to use and allows you to capture and view real-time images directly on your PC.

The DigiGenius is ideal if you have a limited budget because you can purchase the basic system and then add a UV transilluminator, conversion screen, safety hood and printer, as well as Syngene’s industry leading GeneTools analysis software, as the need arises.


  • Small footprint
    Plenty of bench space for your experiments
  • 18mp camera
    18mp camera resolution, producing high quality images with precise band separation
  • White, UV and blue lighting options
    Flexibility to image fluorescent DNA and visibly stained protein gels
  • GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies)
    Analyse data at your own computer.


System DigiGenius
Image resolution (mp) 18
Safety hood Yes
Use with external PC and printers (not included) Yes
UV transilluminator Yes
Converter screens,  visible and blue Optional
Blue LED transilluminator Optional
Max imagine area 20 x 20 cm
Dimensions (W x H x D) cm 28 x 21 x 37
GeneTools analysis software Yes

This product is supplied with GeneTools software. This product needs an external computer.




Transilluminators are available in voltages for 230V 50Hz, 230V 60Hz (-E60), 115V 60Hz (-A), 115V 60Hz (-ACA) and 100V 50/60Hz (-J). Available wavelengths are short wave (254nm, 2020S), medium wave (302nm, 2020M), long wave (365nm, 2020L).

Blue light transilluminator

Used when alternative dyes to EtBr are required. A blue light transilluminator is a “safe” light source in that the user is not exposed to harmful UV radiation and samples are free from photonicking. This transilluminator replaces the UV transilluminator in all products.

UV-blue light converter screen

This comes in size 21 x 26 cm and is used to change harmful UV into blue light. It is made of scratch resistant plastic and is easy to retrofit onto a UV transilluminator.

Visible light converter screen

This comes in size 23.5cm x 30cm and is used to change UV light into visible light, ideal for imaging Coomassie Blue and Silver Stained gels.


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