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This compact system may be be small but it is packed full of features to help you to seamlessly integrate the G:Box mini system into your research.


Our imaging system is designed to adapt to the diverse needs of multi-user labs. It’s not just for blots and gels. With our HiLED modules, it provides robust excitation for quantitative fluorescence imaging. You can image across the full spectrum UV, Blue, Green, Red, Far Red and IR, giving you the flexibility to meet all of your imaging needs. This adaptability empowers you to explore a wide range of scientific applications. 

A sensitive system with a wide dynamic range, detect both weak and strong bands on the same blot without compromising quality using intuitive GeneSys image capture software. A large aperture lens combined with a high-resolution camera allows for unmatched image quality and sensitivity.

With our guarantee of free software upgrades throughout your system’s life, your G:Box mini will always have the latest imaging capabilities.

Image Resolution


Bit Depth


Dynamic Range

4.8 OD



Sample Size


Filter Position


Dimensions (WxHxD)



DNA Gels, Protein Gels, Fluorence and Chemiluminescence


Image capture software and analysis software