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Technical papers 2008

Thursday 31st December 2009

Biochemical applications of ultrathin films of enzymes, polyions and DNA

The following paper cites the use of Chemigenius.

Monday 1st September 2008

Finding proteins in cell-conditioned media - novel procedure broadens applications in an effort to control ES cell differentiation

The clinical need for bone- and cartilage-related treatment is increasing due to an aging segment of our society. There have been many approaches to replace impaired skeletal tissues. One of them, embryonic stem cells (ESCs), with their developmental potential for differentiation and self-renewal, could become a suitable cell source for skeletal-tissue regeneration applications. The challenge of identifying chemical cues to efficiently direct ESCs to the desired lineages still remain, however.

The following article appeared in the 1 September 2008 issue of Genetic Engineering News and cites the use of Dyversity.

Friday 8th February 2008

A role for topoisomerase IIα in the formation of radiation-induced chromatid breaks

The following paper cites the use of GeneTools.

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