Wednesday 23rd July 2008

New upgrade to 1D gel analysis software makes generating accurate band matching data quick and easy

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is delighted to introduce G:BOX EF, its new cost-effective gel documentation system capable of accurately producing images of gels and blots stained with both visible and low light emitting fluorescent dyes.

The new G:BOX EF features a 16 bit, lightly cooled CCD camera inside a light tight darkroom, integrated to one click GeneSnap image capture software. This makes generating images of gels and blots labelled with fluorescent dyes emitting faint or slow developing signals, both quick and simple. Researchers can also use the effective pixels feature to 5.5m pixels for high resolution publication and means it is possible to accurately separate images of close bands and spots.

To ensure the G:BOX EF can visualise common fluorescent and visible dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide, Coomassie Blue and silver stain, the darkroom comes complete with Syngene’s transilluminator, white Epi overhead lighting and NovaGlo Visible light converter, to transform the transilluminator’s UV light into visible light. For imaging any commercially available fluorescent dye, researchers can also have Syngene’s new computer controlled EPI RGB lighting module and filter wheel attached to their G:BOX EF.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “Increasingly, researchers are using fluorescent dyes such as Alexa Fluor that require extended exposure times to produce optimal image quality. For this application using an expensive chemiluminescence imaging system is not necessary.”

Laura concluded: “This is why we are pleased to introduce the G:BOX EF to our gel documentation range because the system is affordably priced, yet accurately images these dyes using its lightly cooled camera. This makes a G:BOX EF ideal for scientists demanding maximum fluorescent imaging performance at minimum cost.”


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