Chronic inflammation triggers DNA damage and oncogenic mutations and causes tumor formation and tumor progression. One of the important components of the inflammatory response is Toll-like receptor (TLR) family. The objective of our study is to determine the relationship between rs4986790(+896A/G) and rs4986791(+1196C/T) gene polymorphisms and lung cancer risk. PCR-RFLP technique was carried out to identify the genotypes in 100 control individuals and 160 lung cancer patients. DNA extracted from peripheral blood samples were amplified and digested with NcoI and HinfI then visualized. We did not find any difference between genotype frequencies between controls and patients (p > 0.05) in rs4986790. But a significant difference between control group and patients with lung cancer as for genotype frequencies (χ2 = 4.19, p = 0.041) in rs4986791 variants was found. Our data indicate that any correlation was not found between rs4986790 polymorphism and lung cancer, while a correlation between rs4986791 and lung cancer has been determined and found to be associated with lung cancer risk.

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