Thin layer chromatography


To visualise colourless spots or bands on a TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) plate, you can either use a plate with a fluorescent indicator or view it under UV light or you can spray reagents onto the samples to colour them so that spots are visible in white light.

Using its extensive imaging expertise, Syngene has developed the G:BOX systems for automated imaging of TLC plates.

Rapid TLC plate imaging

With a G:BOX system you can perform TLC imaging on plates including those coated with silica gel and aluminium oxide and you can spray on reagents such as ninhydrin and Rhodamine (depending on your sample) to colour your sample spots.

Associated products

G:BOX Chemi XX6

G:BOX Chemi XX6 gel doc system with high resolution, cooled cameras and application controlled GeneSys software for fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications.

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GBOX Chemi gel imaging system2

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