Monday 20th October 2014

T:Genius saves time by letting researchers see results anywhere, anytime

Cambridge, UK: Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of sensitive image analysis solutions, is delighted to introduce the vibrant new T:Genius imaging system, which unlike any other imager on the market, allows high performance, walk-away imaging of gels on a smartphone or tablet.

What makes the new T:Genius outperform other commercial imagers is the amazing ability to quickly and easily access stunning quality images anywhere from a tablet, computer or smartphone. Using the T:Genius’ clever ‘StatusLink’ feature researchers can stay updated and even share image results with colleagues in other labs, no matter whether they are down the hall or in another country. This is a great time saver when, for instance, scientists are developing a gel and want to see how it’s doing while having lunch or busying themselves with something else in the lab.

The new T:Genius is both stylish and practical, comes in a choice of exciting colours (hot chilli red, cool ice blue and bright crystal silver) and features a fantastic, sensitive camera which will give high res images of even the biggest gels, as well as tricky applications such as stain-free protein gel imaging. With the powerful GeneSys image capture software, running the system is child’s play. Researchers can set up their imaging protocols, click, walk away and see accurate DNA or protein results later in the lab or on their tablet or ‘phone.

Scientists wanting to find out more about the stunning new T:Genius, can schedule a live demo or click this link for more details:

 “Many scientists have only dreamed of having an imager like the T:Genius” said Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager, “but because we always like to push the boundaries of imaging performance, we’ve made it a reality. Our new T:Genius truly offers researchers a high performance, time-saving image analysis platform and we can’t wait to show the system off at all the major lab shows.”


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