Basic gel doc systems

Syngene has a wide range of gel doc systems for entry-level and basic application use. These systems are ideal for DNA/RNA fluorescence and 1D protein imaging. These systems are at the budget end of the market but deliver with no compromise on specification or performance. Basic systems are predominantly manually driven but when used with GeneSys image capture software ensure that the systems are easy to use.

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Advanced gel doc systems

The advanced gel doc systems from Syngene cover a wider range of applications. These include DNA, 1D and 2D gels, chemiluminescence, coloured fluorescence and multi-plex applications. All systems feature high performing cameras with exceptional sensitivity thus ensuring high quality imaging. All systems are fully automated and application driven to enable the user to obtain quantitative results quickly and easily.

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Blue light transilluminators

Eliminate safety concerns and minimise damage to samples by using a blue light transilluminator. Syngene's blue light transilluminators have been optimised for viewing a wide range of fluorescent samples including SYBR Safe and UltraSafe Blue. They have an array of high intensity LEDs, producing brighter light and more uniform emission than conventional blue light sources.

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Reagents and Dyes

Syngene offers a variety of reagents and fluorescent dyes, providing the complete solution for the visualisation and detection of DNA/RNA or protein in gels and on membranes.

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