Wednesday 10th February 2010

G:BOX Chemi systems at major antibody supplier quadruples throughput of company's western blot analysis

G:BOX Chemi XT16 imaging system is helping scientists at Abcam, one of the world’s major suppliers of research antibodies, to rapidly ensure its products are of the highest quality.

Researchers at Abcam’s laboratories in Cambridge, UK, are using the G:BOX Chemi XT16 to image Western blots stained with Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP) to determine how effectively each antibody can detect the protein it was raised against. This imaging ensures Abcam can speed up the analysis of its products’ specifications.

Hannah Cable, a Development Scientist at Abcam, commented:” We offer over 47,000 antibodies to life scientists so we need to use analytical methods that are fast and accurate. We initially used an infrared fluorescence detection system for imaging our chemiluminescent blots but found it was very slow so we decided to try CCD imaging and installed a G:BOX Chemi XT16 in 2007.

“Since this system takes about a quarter of the time to produce results, and is about half the price of our infrared detector, we installed an additional three G:BOX Chemi XT16 imaging systems to increase our quality control throughput. Obtaining the results we need to ensure our antibodies perform as they should has since been quicker and easier, which means we can supply more life scientists with the antibodies they need for their research.”

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager, stated: “Abcam is acknowledged as offering the best research-grade antibodies and we are proud that a company that values quality has chosen our G:BOX Chemi XT16 to help maintain the highest standards. The fact Abcam is now using four Syngene imaging systems to successfully assess the performance of a vast array of different antibodies demonstrates the G:BOX Chemi XT16 system’s versatility in proteomics research.”


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