They're talking about us.....!!

It is always very satisfying when our competitors start to compare their products with ours. It shows that they respect us and that possibly are even concerned as to how good Syngene products are when compared to their own.

However, what is a problem for us is that often the people making these comparisons are not in possession of the full facts and their promotional material doesn’t therefore always convey things accurately. So, we would like to take this opportunity to make a correction to BioRad’s promotional material for their Gel Doc EZ system.

The image BioRad claims to be using from one of our G:BOX systems is not representative of our systems, much less what we currently achieve. The NEW G:BOX systems launched at the end of 2010 feature not only cameras with exceptionally high native resolution but more importantly and excitingly, they also feature GeneSys, another industry leading software suite from Syngene which will further enhance the user’s experience.

We do understand and accept, however, that we may well be biased in our assessment of our products. We will therefore leave you to make up your own mind by looking at the images below or better yet: why not give us a call to schedule your demo and see for yourself?

This is an image using a .3m pixel camera. Notice how you can see pixelation when you zoom in.


Here is the same image taken using a 2m pixel camera. Notice how you cannot see any pixelation even when you zoom in.

For all those who don't know - the BioRad Gel Doc EZ uses a 1.4m pixel camera.

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