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GeneSnap 7.12(d) (4 April 2014)

The latest GeneSnap includes new versions of some camera drivers that support the revised camera electronics and Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit versions. If upgrading to 64 bit Windows 7, please contact Syngene Support ( prior to installing the software to check compatibility for your software.

The earlier version of the iChemi interface required the user to select a target acquisition time based on how long they thought the sample would take on film. The revised interface presents the user with a choice of quality versus speed options.

If you wish to run GeneSnap and GeneSys on the same PC, then you should update to this version of GeneSnap.

This upgrade includes the support for the InGenius LHR2 and InGenius 3.

Download latest GeneSnap (208 MB)


Please note - It has come to our attention that a recent Windows Update (KB973507) has caused a problem with the histogram function in older versions of GeneSnap and GeneTools. This stops the Composite Image working in GeneSnap and the Colony Counting in GeneTools. We have produced a patch to fix this problem.

Click on Histogram Update

Save the file in your PC

Extract the zipped file into a folder such as (c:\HistUpdate)

Run the update by double-clicking on Setup.exe


GeneSnap 6.08f - Camera Drivers

ChemiGenius2 camera driver (39 MB)

ChemiGeniusQ and GeneGenius Super12 camera drivers (634 KB)

Please Note: These downloads are not intended for use as demonstrations of the software, and will not work as such. The update installations will only work if you already have a version of the software installed on the computer or you have the relevant security information required to install a licensed copy of the software.


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