Tuesday 15th May 2012

New generation UltraSafe Blue DNA/RNA Safe Dye

Syngene's new generation UltraSafe Blue™ non-toxic, non-carcinogenic fluorescent dye has been specifically developed as a safer and more sensitive alternative to Ethidium bromide for staining agarose and acrylamide gels.

UltraSafe Blue from Syngene is a new generation of safe fluorescent nucleic acid stain which allows detection of 0.5pg of dsDNA using Syngene’s new UltraSlim-LED blue-light transilluminator.

Additionally, because UltraSafe Blue is a non-intercalating stain there is less effect on the quality of the DNA or RNA. Nucleic acids stained with UltraSafe Blue can be more easily used in downstream experiments such as RT-PCR, enzyme digestion and ligation, thus saving time and effort with multiple purification steps.

UltraSafe Blue is very cost effective, with 1ml of stain being sufficient for up to 10,000 samples and using this dye also means making cost savings for many institutions, as gels do not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager explained: “Ethidium bromide is probably the most well-known dye used for visualising DNA but because it intercalates into the DNA strands it is a potential carcinogen and mutagenic agent, so must be handled with care and usually requires exclusive bench space in order not to contaminate the entire laboratory.”

Laura continued: “We’re very excited to offer scientists our own safe alternative to Ethidium bromide. This new generation dye is less dangerous to work with, doesn’t compromise nucleic acid quality and shows a very good staining performance, making UltraSafe Blue the ideal choice for safety-conscious researchers.”

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