If you’re imaging fluorescence from fluorescent gels, coloured western blots or GFP labelled colonies, then we have a range of gel documentation systems, as well as filter and lighting accessories, which will be perfect for all your applications.

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Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence

For an image analysis system which can handle complex fluorescence imaging of 1D gels and chemiluminescence imaging of western blots, look no further than Syngene’s G:BOX range.

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Syngene has solutions for dedicated chemiluminescence imaging. These highly sensitive systems have been developed specifically for the imaging of western blots, spot blots and slot blots.

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If you’re looking to make challenging 2D electrophoresis gel imaging easier, Syngene has the perfect solution for you using either the G:BOX Chemi XT4, XX6 or XX9 and Dymension software.

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If you need a method for automatically imaging TLC plates of coloured or fluorescent spots and bands on a TLC plate, then Syngene’s G:BOX imaging system is just right for you.

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Zone measurement

If you're wanting to perform zone measurements, such as Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) or inhibition zones, please visit our sister company's website -

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