Thursday 15th July 2010

100th Syngene image analyser in Singapore is the 11th Syngene system to be installed at one of Asia’s top universities

Cambridge, UK: Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is pleased to announce that it has installed its 100th image analysis system in Singapore at the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS). The new G:BOX system will be used alongside the 10 other Syngene analysers purchased by the University since 2001, to accurately and safely analyse DNA and RNA.

Researchers in the Department of Biological Sciences at the NUS chose the G:BOX as they need an imager which is sensitive enough to detect DNA and RNA stained with SYBR® Safe™. They prefer to use SYBR® Safe™ in teaching and research applications since this dye is safer than Ethidium Bromide and does not damage nucleic acids. This is important because students and researchers often extract DNA from gels for uses such as cloning, so need intact DNA.

Madam Subha, a Lab Manager in the Department of Biological Sciences at the NUS stated: “In our department, we undertake research and teaching in the various fields of biology. We decided to install a G:BOX because we’ve found the G:BOX cameras are much better at detecting faint SYBR® Safe™ stained bands which the other analysers we’ve tried can’t detect especially in the case of SYBR® Safe™ stained RNA.”

Madam Subha added: “We use Syngene systems in our teaching labs too because they are hardy, as well as being quick and easy to set up. This is essential as we often have 200 students in our sessions all needing to take pictures of their gels and they can be quite rough with equipment. The first Syngene system we installed in 2001 is still working well today, despite being tested to its limits. We now prefer to use Syngene systems in our labs, (we have 11 in total) as they are perfect for all our different needs and we are honoured to be the place where the 100th Syngene system in Singapore is sited.”

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager concluded: “We are delighted that our 100th system in Singapore is going to be amongst so many others at the NUS. The NUS’s continued commitment to using Syngene image analysers is a great testament to the robust long term performance of our systems and shows academic institutes everywhere that a Syngene image analyser is a cost-effective purchase which will safely deliver accurate results in research and teaching applications time after time.”

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