Terms & Conditions of Sale

Payment Terms

Net 30 days

Title and Risk of Loss

Title and Risk of Loss shall pass to buyer upon delivery to carrier, FOB, Frederick, Maryland.

Damage or Loss in Transit

Even with greatest of care, damage and shortages occasionally occur. Synoptics recommends that immediately upon receipt of shipment, carefully unpack the shipped goods and inspect for shortage or damage. THE CARRIER MUST BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY IF ANY DAMAGE OR SHORTAGE IS FOUND AND AN INSPECTION REQUEST AND CLAIM NEED TO BE FILED WHERE APPROPRIATE. Please retain all shipping containers and packing material until claim is settled.

Price Changes

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Synoptics warrants all of its products (excluding monitors, bulbs, filters and blue LED transilluminators) to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of delivery unless otherwise indicated on quote for DEMO systems. Touch screens on systems with integrated PCs are also covered under this standard 3-year warranty. Hardware and software of 3rd party origin carry the standard manufacturer’s warranty; blue LED transilluminators carry a 1-year warranty. FREE software upgrades for existing GeneSys customers.

Synoptics warranty does not cover damage that is a result of power line fluctuations. PLEASE NOTE: Warranty registration has to be completed by the customer within 30 days of installation in order to activate the full 3 year warranty; 1 year standard warranty will otherwise apply. The abovementioned warranty of Synoptics shall be of no force and effect if the buyer has modified or damaged the product.

Synoptics’ obligation under warranty is limited to replacement and/or repair of the defective part at the option of Synoptics. Warranty service may be performed either at a customer location or at a Synoptics facility based solely on the discretion of Synoptics. Synoptics shall not be liable for any expenses or damages incurred by purchaser except as expressly set forth herein and in no event shall Synoptics be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind.



Product Specifications

Synoptics reserves the right to alter product specifications without notice. Synoptics is under no obligation to make similar changes or to effect retrofits to any of its products previously produced and delivered.

Force Majeure

Synoptics will not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay due to causes beyond our control including, but not limited to, fire, work stoppages, civil disobedience, riots, rebellions, acts of God or other similar occurrences.


Returned Goods Policy

All returns, whether for credit, warranty replacement or repair, must be authorized by SYNOPTICS Inc.

Items returned for credit may be subject to a 20 percent (20%) restocking fee.

Please contact the SYNOPTICS Inc. Customer Service Department for a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) at (800) 686-4407.

NO credit will be issued or allowed until SYNOPTICS Inc. has had sufficient time to inspect the product and determine corrective action.

Returns must be made within 15 days of issuance of the RGA number and the product must be in original packaging with all manuals and instructions. RGA numbers are non-transferable and good for one use only.

Products returned for credit or replacement must be in “like-new” condition. All products must be free from Bio-Hazardous contamination and include an attached contamination-free certificate. Contaminated products will be returned collect.

Products returned for repair will be evaluated by the SYNOPTICS Inc. service department. An estimated cost for repair will be submitted to the customer for approval. If accepted, all evaluation costs will be credited towards the entire repair. Non-repaired products can be returned at the customer’s cost.

Freight must be prepaid by the customer on goods returned to SYNOPTICS Inc.

To ensure you receive credit, the following must be included with each return

  • The customer’s RGA number, clearly written on the top right hand corner of the package.
  • The customer’s full name, best contact number and/or e-mail, company name, department, address and reason for the return.
  • Include, if available, copies of any e-mail correspondence with SYNOPTICS Inc. service technicians

Goods Acceptable for Full Credit or Replacement

  • Products not supplied in accordance with the customer’s order
  • Products that are defective at the time the customer receives them

Goods Not Acceptable for Full Credit

  • Discontinued products
  • Specialized or customized products
  • Used products
  • Outdated products, shelf-worn and therefore unsuitable for return to stock and resale as new
  • Products beyond the SYNOPTICS Inc. standard warranty term

Goods Not Acceptable for Replacement

  • Products that have been modified or personalized by the user
  • Products that have been damaged by the user
  • Products beyond the SYNOPTICS Inc. standard warranty term