PowderSafe Type B Enclosure

Syngene’s PowderSafe Type B enclosures utilise HEPASafe™ filter change-out, allowing the operator to safely and easily bag-out contaminated filters under negative pressure. The heart of this system is a secondary, perminent HEPA filter that protects the operator during primary HEPA filter change-out. If the primary HEPA filter should ever become compromised, this secondary filter also serves as a backup safety filter.

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Seamless polypropylene construction provides the mass and vibration resistance crucial for accurate powder weighing, while the AirSafe™ automatic safety controller monitors airflow and filter conditions. The full rear-wall HEPA filtration zone moves powders and particulate away from the operator in a smooth horizonal laminar pattern. HEPASafe™ technology allows filters to be safely and easily bagged-out under pressure.


  • Variable airflow volume with AirSafe
  • Continuous HEPA filter monitoring
  • High mass – thermally welded solid polypropylene construction
  • Effectively weigh to 7 decimal places
  • Seamless construction is easy to clean
  • Real-time airflow display on LCD
  • Audible and visible airflow and filter alarms
  • Permanent backup of HEPA filter
  • Fluorescent light