Sales FAQs

Can I buy a Syngene system locally and get local service?2018-02-09T16:42:25+00:00

Yes. Syngene has representation in over 70 countries worldwide. Please click here to identify your local distributor.

I want to follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in my work. How can I use my system to help me do this?2018-02-09T16:42:36+00:00

GLP is achieved by adhering to strict protocols or procedures. Using any Syngene system these procedures can be followed absolutely. The image captured can be saved in a private .SGD file format. This file cannot be changed or modified. The software records all system parameters from the moment of capture.

What is the best combination of light sources and filters that can be used with common fluorescent dyes?2018-02-09T16:38:57+00:00

Please refer to the table in this linked PDF file.

When capturing images for chemiluminescence what difference does the signal to noise ratio make?2018-02-09T16:42:47+00:00

The longer the exposure time used to capture an image, the more background noise builds up in the system. This noise will often be visible on the captured image. Cameras used for chemiluminescence applications should be electronically or Peltier cooled. Cooling drastically reduces inherent background noise. The best results are therefore obtained by having the lowest signal to noise ratio possible.

Where can I buy Syngene equipment?2017-12-19T15:01:20+00:00

We have distributors selling and supporting our equipment around the world.

See our Where to buy page on this website.

Which Syngene system should I choose?2018-02-09T16:41:32+00:00

Please click on the Product Comparison chart.

Gel documentation and analysis (gel doc) FAQs

Which operating systems can I use with my Syngene systems?2017-12-19T15:06:31+00:00

GeneDirectory FAQs

I already have a Syngene gel documentation (gel doc) system and regularly use GeneTools analysis software. Is it easy for me to upgrade to GeneDirectory or will I need to replace my existing software?2017-12-19T15:07:37+00:00

Installing GeneDirectory is very simple. Once we have ensured that you are running the most recent version of GeneTools (and GeneTools upgrades are free) you will be ready to go.

GeneTools FAQs