The AirClean® Systems complete line of Process Protection products promote sample integrity. ISO 5 laminar flow clean benches and workstations are available in an array of sizes and configurations. Both vertical and horizontal designs provide ISO 5 clean air through a combination of electrostatically charged pre-filtration and either HEPA or ULPA filtration. AirClean Systems process protection solutions keep the samples free of background or cross-contamination. UVTect™ monitors airflow and filter saturation to ensure ISO 5 conditions are maintained.

AirClean® Systems offers two types of PCR Workstations, both standard with UVTect microprocessor controller, that aid the researcher by preventing background and cross-contamination. The Combination PCR Workstation combines an ISO 5 clean air environment with UV light sterilization for optimal protection from background sample contamination. The Dead Air Boxes provide a circulation free environment with UV light sterilization.

We have prepared some presentations about these great products – please click on the links below to access the presentations.