Friday 6th August 2010

University of Massachusetts

Researchers in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Massachusetts are using the GeneFlash gel documentation (gel doc) system to visualize 298 bp PCR fragments of Chlamydia pneumoniae on ethidium bromide stained agarose gels. The PCR fragments are generated from pediatric bronchial tissue using specific Chlamydia pneumoniae primers. The long-term aim of this study is to improve treatment for asthmatics by showing that this bacterium is a contributing factor in their condition.

Generates high quality results

Dr Wilmore Webley, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology stated: “We installed the GeneFlash a year ago because we needed an inexpensive system that would detect the limited amounts of Chlamydia DNA we work with. We have found using the GeneFlash is really convenient. The system doesn’t have a computer so it can easily fit into a small space and you can save all the images to Flash card which you can then take and work with on your own computer. The system gets used on a daily basis and we have had good success generating high quality results with it. In fact, we have published one paper with GeneFlash images showing the link between pediatric asthma and Chlamydia pneumoniae and have another paper ready to go to review.”

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