Reagents and dyes

Syngene provides the highest quality gel electrophoresis products including UltraSafe blue gel stain, a ‘safe’ alternative to Ethidium bromide for the staining of DNA in agarose or acrylamide gels and DNA ladders. Syngene supplies a range of DNA ladders (1Kb and 100bp) for accurate size and mass estimations of nucleic acid fragments.

UltraSafe blue gel stain and DNA ladders are suitable to be used with all our gel imaging systems and can be illuminated using UltraSlim, UltraBright blue LED transilluminators and by UV.

Western blotting has been made easier with Syngene’s new chemiluminescent immuno detection kit, ChemiFast. ChemiFast kit contains complete, optimised, ready-to-use reagents for sensitive immunodetection.


ChemiFast substrate for Western blotting

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