Syngene can now use MAC

Syngene has been able to run GeneTools on a MAC computer for several years using the Parallels platform but running any form of hardware was never possible. With our latest developments Syngene is now pleased to announce how to run both GeneSys and GeneTools on a MAC.


Running the GeneTools analysis software as a stand-alone product has always been possible on a MAC as long as the computer has been loaded with a copy of the emulation software Parallels and a copy of Windows. However, now it is possible just to use a software package called Crossover on the MAC (no Windows required) to be able to install and run GeneTools successfully. Once installed, it is possible to launch GeneTools directly from the MAC docking bar as you would any other MAC program. Once launched, you have access to all the GeneTools functions but now within the MAC environment.


In the past it was not possible to run GeneSnap and hence any of the Syngene hardware from a MAC. However, the recent development of GeneSys has now made it possible for us to be able to use a MAC as the computer for a Syngene gel documentation system. By using Parallels on a MAC both GeneSys and GeneTools can now be run giving the user full control over the system hardware from within the MAC environment. The MAC can be set up in such a way to provide a seamless entry into the GeneSys interface just as you would expect from the PC version.


Full installation instructions for working with a MAC are available for download. This includes the recommendation for the minimum specification of MAC suitable for a Syngene system and which operating system and software versions we support.


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