Thursday 4th March 2010

Imaging system used at major plant breeding centre to safely analyse DNA and RNA from essential forage crops

Syngene's G:BOX EF gel documentation system is being used by scientists in a prestigious plant breeding centre at Aberystwyth University in Wales to help map the DNA and RNA from commercially important forage crops.

Molecular biologists at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at Aberystwyth University are using a G:BOX EF imaging system to accurately analyse agarose gels containing red and white clover DNA and RNA stained with GelRed™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stain. The information from the gels is being used to map clover genes and is in the long term, helping scientists at the IBERS to produce new varieties that can tolerate environmental stresses and are more nutritious feed stocks.

Mrs Charlotte Jones, Laboratory Manager at IBERS said: “Clovers are very important as they are primarily used in high quality animal feed but are also a good source of pollen for bees to make honey from. To analyse specific genes from the new varieties we breed, we visualise small amounts of DNA and RNA stained with GelRed™. We prefer to use GelRed because it is safer than Ethidium bromide but not as sensitive.”

Mrs Jones added: “We purchased a G:BOX EF because the system is easy to programme and the camera detects the GelRed bands well, allowing us to see 5-20 nanogram amounts. The GeneTools software is great, as we can set up our own results folders and the printer also reproduces precise pictures of all the different coloured images from the screen. In short, the system is perfect for our research.”

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager commented: “We are delighted the G:BOX EF is suited to the precise gene mapping tasks being carried out at the IBERS. Their endorsement of the imager’s superior performance shows scientists who demand accurate results without compromising staff safety, that they can realise this challenging objective by using a G:BOX EF gel documentation system.”

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