Rapid set-up and image capture of 1D, 2D and multiplex gels

Syngene's revolutionary GeneSys image acquisition software has been developed for use with G:BOX, G:BOX mini, GeneGnome and InGenius3 systems. GeneSys ensures scientists can quickly capture excellent images of even complex multiplex gels.

For use in Syngene’s G:BOX Chemi and G:BOX mini imaging systems, the new GeneSys software now includes a “stain-free” imaging icon. The icon has been set up using optimum filter and lighting conditions that Syngene’s technical specialists have determined can accurately detect nanogram levels of protein on a Stain-Free gel.

The innovative GeneSys software features large touch-screen buttons which guide users effortlessly through set-up and image capture. Each screen prompts researchers to select, for example, the type of gel or blot they are using and what it is stained with.

GeneSys software also includes QuickQuant, a feature for rapid band quantification analysis on blots or gels. For use in Syngene's G:BOX, G:BOX mini and GeneGnome systems, QuickQuant is ideal for scientists who need to perform rapid band quantifcation while they are using their imager. It makes it easy to analyse protein or DNA down to nanogram levels as soon as they have captured their gel or Western blot images.

QuickQuant can measure relative and actual amounts (in the presence of a known standard) of DNA and protein and up/down regulation of bands, all while using a Syngene imaging system. QuickQuant can also be utilised to show incidence values of bands, indicating samples that are "greater or less than" a specified value. All standard data is displayed on a clear calibration curve.


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