Wednesday 9th December 2009

Major US university uses GeneGnome for six years in important academic study to elucidate mechanisms of cell division

Syngene is delighted to announce its GeneGnome dedicated chemiluminescent imaging system has been used since 2003 to help successfully study the role of proteins in cell division.

Scientists in the Department of Biological Sciences at St. John’s University in New York are using a GeneGnome chemiluminescent imaging system to image Western blots of human phospholipase C proteins labeled with ECL to determine their role in regulation of cell division processes. The researchers are hoping that this academic study will elucidate some of the mechanisms of mitosis and could lead to a better understanding of why cells die through apoptosis or why they exhibit mutations that may lead to them becoming cancerous.

Professor Ales Vancura at St. John’s University said:” Researchers in two labs in our department have been using the GeneGnome regularly for six years to image Western blots. The system is helping us determine how changes in phospholipase C affect the regulation of proteins associated with chromatin structure, kinetochore activity, and chromosome segregation during mitosis.”

Professor Vancura added: “Everyone working with this imager has said it is simple to set up, as well as being highly sensitive and gives them the results they are looking for. We have only had to make one change to the system in all the time we’ve had the GeneGnome so when we need to purchase another, we’ll definitely buy from Syngene.”

Paula Maia, Vice President of Sales, Syngene US concluded: “We are delighted to hear that scientists at St John’s University have been working successfully with the GeneGnome for so long. Their continued confidence in the system shows cost-conscious academic laboratories that if they want a dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system, which is both reliable and generates great results, a GeneGnome is still the one to have.”

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