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  1. I already have a Syngene gel documentation (gel doc) system and regularly use GeneTools analysis software. Is it easy for me to upgrade to GeneDirectory or will I need to replace my existing software?

    Installing GeneDirectory is very simple. Once we have ensured that you are running the most recent version of GeneTools (and GeneTools upgrades are free) you will be ready to go.

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  2. How do I transfer information into GeneDirectory?

    Information is transferred directly from GeneTools, the advanced 1D analysis package from Syngene. GeneTools will accept images that have been captured using imaging systems from Syngene, or any files that are in TIFF or BITMAP format. So GeneDirectory is compatible with scanners or imaging systems from most manufacturers.

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  3. I already have a scanner that I use to image gels. What specification does my PC need to be to run GeneDirectory?

    Minimum PC specification is 400Mhz processor, 64 MB RAM, Hard disk, Windows 98 SE/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP.

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  4. I have so much data to classify that I need several databases, not just one. Does that mean I need to buy several copies of the software?

    No, since there are no restrictions to the labelling of the database structure, a user has the ability to set up and name an unlimited number of databases, folders and experiments. Multiple users can use GeneDirectory and it can be set-up to have an infinite number of databases within the system. Each user can set up their individual databases using a number of customisable preferences. The only limit to the size or number of databases is the size of the storage system - hard disk, zip drive, server.

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  5. Our laboratory is working in collaboration with other labs in the U.S.A and Holland. Will it be possible for us to share and compare data with our colleagues?

    Users can share data from GeneDirectory with colleagues or collaborating laboratories since any of the information within the database can be copied to disk or sent via a network or Internet connection. All that is required are users running GeneDirectory on their PC.

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  6. I want to compare tracks that have been run on gels under different conditions. Is it possible to '‘normalise'’ the tracks in some way to make this possible?

    Of course. Before adding tracks to the database it is important to specify as much information as possible in GeneTools. It is possible to normalise tracks based on RF, Molecular weight, or even just position of bands within the track.

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  7. Will I have to pay for any future upgrades to the GeneDirectory software?

    Once you have purchased GeneDirectory, all upgrades are free for life. The software may be downloaded from the Internet. Existing users will also be granted considerable discount if they purchase further copies of software.

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  8. There are many potential users within our research institute. Is it possible to purchase a networkable copy of the software that can be accessed by a specified number of users at any one time?

    Yes. Please ask us for a quotation based on number of users.

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