Wednesday 9th December 2009

Major US university uses GeneGnome for six years in important academic study to elucidate mechanisms of cell division

Syngene's GeneGnome dedicated chemiluminescence imaging system has been used since 2003 at St John's University in New York to help successfully study the role of proteins in cell division.

Thursday 26th November 2009

University of Lausanne uses Dyversity for analysing triple labelled DIGE gels to help rapidly identify proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases

Syngene's Dyversity 2D imaging system is being used by one of Europe's leading research institutes, the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, to help identify proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

Monday 27th July 2009

Top ten pharma uses automated TLC plate reader to ensure contents of drugs and raw materials are safe

ChromaScan automated non-radioactive TLC plate reader is being used in the main manufacturing facility of a major pharmaceutical company, to improve the accuracy of its drug testing.

Friday 18th June 2010

Eminent US medical institute uses Dyversity to detect proteins associated with longer human life span

One of the USA’s foremost Medical Research Centers, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York is using Dyversity, Syngene’s 2D gel imaging system, to assist in understanding the proteomic basis of human aging.

Friday 8th May 2009

G:BOX chemiluminescence imager is used at prestigious research institute to rapidly determine the pre-clinical potential of anti-cancer compounds

G:BOX chemiluminescence imaging system is being used by scientists at one of Scotland’s top Universities, Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh to accurately determine the effectiveness of novel anti-cancer therapies.

Wednesday 28th April 2010

New automated TLC plate reader range analyses results of coloured and fluorescent samples in seconds

Syngene launches the ChromaScan range of cost-effective automated TLC plate readers for rapid, accurate documentation and analysis of non-radioactive TLC (thin-layer chromatography) plates.

Wednesday 18th March 2009

New G:BOX iChemi range of intelligent chemiluminescent imaging systems launched by Syngene

Syngene has launched the G:BOX iChemi range of intelligent chemiluminescent imaging systems. These systems are designed for fully automated set up, allowing both novice and experienced molecular biologists to rapidly produce the best results from any chemiluminescent blot.

Wednesday 10th February 2010

G:BOX Chemi systems at major antibody supplier quadruples throughput of company's western blot analysis

Abcam, one of the world’s major suppliers of research antibodies, is using G:BOX Chemi XT16 imaging system to rapidly ensure its products are of the highest quality.

Thursday 8th January 2009

GeneTools and GeneDirectory used at major animal research centre to detect proteins associated with a serious equine disease

Syngene is delighted to announce its GeneTools and GeneDirectory automated DNA and protein gel analysis software packages are being used in a world-leading equine research centre at the University of Lincoln in the UK. The software is being used to accurately quantify and identify protein trends in a debilitating equine disease.

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